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In our world and our country, which is undergoing a concrete concreting process, a longing for green is now being felt. The invasion of gray and cold concrete blocks of living spaces caused different searches for people. It is an application that should be known how to plant grass seeds especially in the field of germination in landscape arrangements . Individuals or municipalities who want to overcome the longing for green, either in the shelter areas or in the park and similar resting areas, carry out germination studies.

In an age when the green has turned into such a great need, ready grass prices and how to germinate are among the most important issues . Nowadays, when green comes as a great need, grass growing is very important.

Nowadays, when green areas are gradually entering a process of extinction, municipalities and individuals who want to meet the need for green are taking their name in creating green areas with their own efforts. When you read this article, you can get information on various subjects such as grass seed cultivation and lawn care.

Grass Seed Types And Seed Selection
Before we talk about how to plant grass seed , it is important to have information about grass seed varieties and seed selection. Because grass seed , which is as important as grass planting , plays a very important role in achieving the desired success in the process of growing grass. If you are planning to perform grass planting in a shady area, it is necessary to know the type of shade resistant grass and to choose the seeds in this direction.

If germination will be carried out in an environment where the grass will be subject to excessive wear, it is necessary to choose abrasion resistant grass seeds. However, it will be extremely accurate to know the grass seeds that have resistance to heat and drought and to go through the grass growing phase accordingly . Here are the types and features of grass seed and how many days grass seed comes out

Information about;

Lolium Perenne grass seed; Abrasion resistance: 2, Drought resistance: 2, Temperature resistance: 2, Shadow resistance: 3, Cold resistance: 2, Need for fertilizer: medium level, Time required for seed germination: 4 to 10 days.
Festuca rubra grass seed; Abrasion resistance: 2, Drought resistance: 4, Temperature resistance: 3, Cold resistance: 3, Shadow resistance: 6, Need for fertilizer: less, The time required for seed germination ranges from 7 to 15 days.
Festuca rubr.ovina grass seed; Abrasion resistance: 2, Drought resistance: 4, Temperature resistance: 5, Cold resistance: 4, Shadow resistance: 4, Need for fertilizer: less. The time required for seed germination ranges from 7 to 15 days.
Festuca rubr.rubra grass seed; Abrasion resistance: 2, Drought resistance: 4, Temperature resistance: 3, Cold resistance: 4, Shadow resistance: 6, Need for fertilizer: less, The time required for seed germination ranges from 7 to 15 days.
Festuca rubr.comutata ; Abrasion resistance: 4, Drought resistance: 4, Temperature resistance: 5, Cold resistance: 3, Shade resistance: 5, Need for fertilizer: less, The time required for seed germination ranges from 7 to 15 days.
Festuca arundinacea grass seed; Abrasion resistance: 6, Drought resistance: 5, Temperature resistance: 6, Cold resistance: 3, Shadow resistance: 5, Need for fertilizer: medium, The time required for seed germination ranges from 7 to 15 days.
Festuca rubr.trichophylis grass seed; Abrasion resistance: 5, Drought resistance: 5, Temperature resistance: 5, Cold resistance: 4, Shadow resistance: 5, Need for fertilizer: medium, The time required for germination of the seed varies between 7 and 15 days.
Poa pratensis grass seed; Abrasion resistance: 3, Drought resistance: 3, Temperature resistance: 5, Cold resistance: 6, Shadow resistance: 2, Need for fertilizer: high, The time required for seed germination ranges from 12 to 21 days.
Trifolium repens grass seed ; Abrasion resistance: 3, Drought resistance: 3, Temperature resistance: 4, Cold resistance: 5, Shade resistance: 3, Need for fertilizer: high, The time required for seed germination ranges from 12 to 21 days.
Agrostis tennuius grass seed ; Abrasion resistance: 1, Drought resistance: 1, Temperature resistance: 4, Cold resistance: 5, Shadow resistance: 5, Need for fertilizer: medium, The time required for seed germination ranges from 12 to 18 days.
Dichondra repens grass seed; Abrasion resistance: 1, Drought resistance: 1, Temperature resistance: 4, Cold resistance: 4, Shadow resistance: 5, Need for fertilizer: high, The time required for seed germination ranges from 12 to 18 days.
Agrostis stolanfera grass seed ; Abrasion resistance: 2, Drought resistance: 2, Temperature resistance: 4, Cold resistance: 4, Shadow resistance: 4, Need for fertilizer: high, The time required for seed germination ranges from 12 to 18 days.
How To Choose Grass?
Two factors are taken into account when choosing the grass. Here, the first of the most important factors is to determine the purpose of using the grass. If the germination process will be made for the sports field, then the best grass selection is English grass, which has an aesthetic structure, and Rustic grass, which can be easily grown in any type of soil, is among the grass types that have the most ideal features . If it will be used in environmental landscape; The first of the most ideal qualities for this is the canopy area grass. It is suitable for use in low sun and humid areas. For areas exposed to intense sun, Arid field grass is very suitable.

Soil Preparation For Grass Planting And How To Grass Planting?
If the planting of the grass, the purpose of which is determined, will be done in a garden, it will be useful to consider the information about how to plant the lawn . Preparation stage for grass seed planting ; The sprayer watering can will be required to carry out weed removal among the tools required for this. The cleaning process of the area where grass will be planted should be performed later . Preferably, it is useful to use herbicide, a glyphosate-based weed cleanser that allows replanting within a period of 3 weeks.

Preparation of the soil is extremely important for planting            garden grass . However, the preparation of the soil has to be done one week before the grass planting phase, and this preparation process can be done at any time of the year. Among the tools that will be needed for use in the preparation of the soil; Fork spade, Quad hand scraper, Shovel, Spade, Plow, Water, Roll, Rake, Wheelbarrow.
Soil is poured up to 20 cm deep with the help of a spade and plow. The ground is corrected using a harrow, distributed and foreign objects in the soil are cleaned. Soil level is leveled with the help of shovel. The stones are cleaned and the existing pits are filled. The soil is compacted using a roll. If there are stones left on the soil, they are cleaned. Then the surface of the soil is smoothed by using a rake again. These operations are repeated several times in the same way. It is very important that a thin soil layer of 2 to 3 cm is present on the surface.

          When it comes to how to sow the grass seed, it is very important to make the soil correction process in order to obtain a desired result from the planting. The preparation stage of the soil for planting should be done on a sunny day and when the soil is dry. If an automatic irrigation system is to be installed in the area where grass will be planted, this should be done before soil tillage. It will be useful to continue with this topic titled How to prepare the soil planting for grass planting by giving the grass planting time information.

The most appropriate quality for planting grass in the soil and the time of planting the grass to get the desired result is when the soil is dry. When it is dry on the soil prepared for sowing, seed spreading should be done. Seed spreading process should not be done in windy and rainy weather. Giving your back to the wind during the seed spreading process plays an important role in the correct sowing process.

When Is Grass Planted?
          In response to the question of when to sow the lawn, it will be useful to read the informative article about the necessary tools and the operations to be carried out when the lawn is sown. You will need Quad hand scraper, Rake and Roll for grass planting. Grass planting is done in the Northern hemisphere in April, May and September. These months are the ideal time for planting grass. In the periods of March, June, July and August, planting can be done when the weather conditions are appropriate. The remaining months are not suitable for grass cultivation.

In the southern hemisphere, the best times for sowing grass are February, March, April, May, September, October and November. In the periods when the months of June, July and August are experienced, when the weather conditions are suitable, grass cultivation can be done. The remaining months are not suitable times for planting.

How Much Is Grass Seed Sowed In Square Meters?
Among the other important issues about grass seed cultivation is the answer to the question of how much grass seed is planted per square meter . This issue is of utmost importance in order to achieve a desired perfection result after the grass planting process. However, another question that is curious is the answer to the question how many m2 of 1 kg of grass seeds are planted. This is an extremely important detail. Because it is not possible to reach the desired result in the case of seed sowing without knowing the answer to the question of how much seed in a field. The amount of seeds to be planted in M² is 30 to 40 g. between. In this case, 1 kg of grass seeds and grass seeds can be planted on an area of maximum 25 square meters.

Grass Seed Planting Method
Among the topics that are curious about the grass seed, there are questions such as grass planting prices, which month the grass planting is done . The above was informed about the months in which grass was planted. Grass planting prices may differ according to the product to be preferred and the area to be planted, and also differ according to the company that will be planting grass. How many days does the lawn come out, how to plant the lawnIn the answer to the question, it is possible to answer as follows. The number of days a grass will grow out is related to the germination time of the preferred grass seed in sowing. Information about some grass seeds and their germination time is given above. A grass planting method, which can be preferred in terms of how to plant grass, is applied as follows;

First, the grass seeds are mixed. Half of the seeds are sprinkled with soil in one direction and the other half by walking in the other direction. It will be extremely useful to divide the area to be planted into parcels in order not to pass once again from the past. It will be a very correct attitude to make the boundary of the grass area clear by spreading a larger amount of seeds to the edges of the area to be sown. It is important to slightly cover the seeds sprinkled with soil by means of a rake. However, it is necessary to be careful that a layer of soil less than 1 cm thin will cover the seeds.
In addition, another issue to be considered in this regard is to take care not to collect the seeds together during this process. Covering the grass seeds with fine sifted soil will be of great benefit in achieving the desired result. Dry soil with seeds should be tightened thoroughly using the ground roller to ensure a full contact of the grass seeds with the soil. In drought periods, watering with light sprinkling and keeping the soil moist to reach a depth of 5 cm is an extremely important detail.

How To Care For Lawn?
Another issue after bringing the grass seeds together with the soil is how to care for the lawn . The use of lawns that meet the soil varies according to the preferred seed type, but begins to emerge in an average of 2 or 3 weeks.    Lawn care is of great importance in terms of achieving a healthy and desired efficiency result. For the first time , mowing should be carried out with the help of sharp blades after 5-6 cm after the grass that has come out of the soil reaches a height of 10 cm. After the first lawn mowing, it is better to roll over the grass with a roller in order to ensure better contact of the roots of the grass with the soil.

During the continuous grass care process; The grass should generally be shortened by 1/3. For places where the lawnmower cannot reach, a trimmed lawn mower should be used or pruning shears should be used.

Grass should be mowed once a week in spring.
Grass should be mowed every 15 days in summer.
In the autumn season, the grass should be mowed every 15 days until the end of September. In November, which is considered the beginning of the winter season, it is necessary to mow the grass for the last time, leaving them with a length of 5-6 cm in order to withstand the winter season.
In winter, when the weather is not cold, if the grass is over 10 cm long, it is necessary to mow. Otherwise, the grass, which does not grow very well in the winter, may risk freezing from the cold.
How Is Grass Irrigation Done?
In the hot summer seasons , it should be done in the form of lawn irrigation , light sprinkling and in order to ensure that the soil gets moisture in depth, approximately 10 cm deep and preferably in the evening. In the winter seasons, the lawns will provide the water they need by means of enough rains.

When Is Lawn Fertilizer Discarded?
Another issue that is as important as watering in lawn care is when to throw grass manure? It is the answer to the question. It is extremely important to maintain the lawn regularly and as much as necessary to ensure the presence of the desired healthy grass presence. Every detail is important in lawn care, from mowing to irrigation and spreading grass manure . Lawn fertilization is done in April, May, July and September, two or three times a year. In fertilization, it can be preferred to use heavy-release fertilizer. Grass manure prices , which have an important place to maintain your lawn, also differ according to the nature of the manure.

How Should The Fertilizer We Use For The Grass Be?
Care should be taken to choose seeds and fertilizers to grow quality grass . In addition, different options may come to the fore depending on the condition of the land to be planted and the climate.

Like every plant, it wants fertilizer on the lawn. Grass fertilizer is used to support the development of china and to heal sick grass . In this context, there are two types of grass fertilizers. The main point is the period when the fertilizer will be used. Nitrogen, phosphorus and phosphate materials are required for turf. However, these supplements vary according to the seasons. For this reason, you should prefer a fertilization method in the form of a proportional mixture of these substances under the control of a specialist. You should make fertilization 50 grams per square meter. You can use imported fertilizer to get positive results in the long term.

What Should We Consider When Buying Grass Seeds?
You should act by considering your usage area while buying grass seed . Because while some lawns like shade areas, some like sunny areas. The right seed choice extends the life of your germinated area. But even if the selected seed is good, if the care done in the next process is bad, the life of that grass will be extremely short.

How Should The Lawn Care Be Performed Annually?
After the second processing of the grass is carried out, spraying and weed cleaning suitable for the new grass are carried out. After 4 or 5 lawn mowing, suitable weed removal medicine is used again. Ideal spraying doses for the product should be taken into consideration. In the spring and last spring periods, the cleaning of the grass wastes is done by performing ventilation. Algae formed in tight soil in the shade are cleaned. For this, algae-killing drug is used. After the drug shows its effect, moss removal is done with the help of a grass aeration harrow or an electric lawn aeration machine.

Grass seed cultivation can be done to repair the damaged areas of the grass. Grass trimmer can be used to provide a clear view for finishing work. Thus, by cutting the soil and grass, the grass can be prevented from carrying out the desired limits.

Where To Sell Grass Seeds?
One of the most curious questions of those who want to create green spaces is where grass seeds are sold . There are many environments where grass seed purchase can be made. However, Ulusoy seed company, which provides the most ideal services for the needs of its customers in a professional sense and stands out with its superior quality in the seed sector, is among the top companies that can provide grass seeds. However, for those who want to purchase grass in different ways instead of getting service from a professional institution , it is possible to provide some information by shedding light on where to buy grass seed .

Although grass seeds are possible in big stores such as Bauhouse and Tekzen, there are also many internet sites on the internet where grass prices are extremely affordable. If you desire to green your garden , it is possible to make purchases through numerous websites that sell at affordable garden grass prices . For those who want to use ready-made grass , it is possible to encounter ready-made grass prices that are suitable for every need and do not impose a burden on the budget .

Which Is The Best Grass Seed?
One of the most curious topics for those who want to buy grass seeds is the answer to a question which one is the best grass seed . Because it is extremely important to have a desired grass productivity and to know the seed that has the most ideal qualities for the planting environment. It is an important issue to choose seeds in terms of suitability for the planting area. For this, knowing 7 mixture grass seeds and their properties makes it easier for the person who will sow grass seeds to make choices and contributes to making a conscious choice.

Grass Seed Mixtures

Features of 4M Star seed mixture; It has a dense texture and fine texture.
Features of 4M Joker seed mixture; It has a structure resistant to wear and dehydration.
Features of 4M Safit seed mixture; It has a dense texture, dark green color and fine texture.
Features of 4M Joker seed mixture; It has the feature of being a product that provides 30% water saving.
Features of 6M Prestige seed mixture; It has a dark green color and a fine texture.
Features of 7M Sultan seed mixture; It has a very fine texture and dark green color.
Properties of the Premiyer Mix seed mixture; It is a special mixture for the football field.
Features of Holiday seed mixture; It has an extremely resistant structure against salinity and heat.
Features of rolled grass seed mixture; It has a very fast configurable feature.
Features of the Shadow Grass seed mixture; It is a mixture that is prepared to have very ideal properties for dark shade areas. Features of 5M seed mixture; It has a cold resistant structure.
Ulusoy Grass Seed Prices Artificial Grass Prices

Ulusoy seed company, which provides a professional service on grass seed, operates in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. Ulusoy seed, which is the first professional grass seed company to serve in our country , continues to be at the service of its customers with the prices of Ulusoy grass seed that appeals to every budget . The company, which is the owner of the first AR-GR project related to agriculture supported by Tübitak, has made a difference with its activities since the day it was founded and continues to have this feature.

          Joker gold grass seed, meadow grass seed contains many seed varieties with properties such as plastic grass . Which is the most suited for your budget ready for the grass square meter price of the products you need with you can provide a great comfort and the beauty of the green Ulusoy seed company, a company that has proven its reliability you can make it anywhere noticeable.
If you want to perform artificial germination, which is easier than real germination, it is possible to provide a product of the desired quality with artificial turf prices suitable for your budget . People who prefer ready roll grass live the happiness of providing a high quality product with Ulusoy seed company. For those who do not compromise on quality, the most suitable roll grass prices are offered.

Ready grass, which is among the most important needs for those who make landscaping, has the feature of being more easily applied. With this aspect, it appears as a preferable product. Paving the lawn as landscaping and lawn products with similar characteristics are very nice and they create more livable environments. However, instead of using real grasses that require environmental regulation and instead of using real grass for use in areas such as football fields, artificial grass mostly comes to the fore. The most important reason for this is that the use of artificial grass provides greater ease of use compared to real grass use.

Although true germination processes are laborious processes, they also appear as applications that give life to nature and the environment in which they are used. In many areas from football fields to parks, from the garden of our home to work fields, germination is an important requirement. Germination works are of great importance for the world and our country's societies, which have become longing for a handful of green, where reinforced concrete structures extend to the sky. It is very important to create a green touch, albeit a tiny one, in environments where cold concretes dominate.

Every person from 7 to 70 yearns for green. If you are one of those who long for green tones, you can take care to take part in the effort to green your environment. While doing this, you can create reliable and quality green areas that you desire by choosing reliable companies that sell quality grass seeds and you can create green areas especially for your loved ones.

Every individual, who does not want his surroundings to succumb to reinforced concrete structures, is able to realize environmental arrangements, where they can create more livable areas with their fascinating beauty of forage green grass. If environmental arrangements do not perform live germination, it may be possible to create at least artificial greening by using grass. Nowadays, where the magic of green is running out every day, you do the world a favor and create green spaces around you.
How To Care For The Grass According To The Seasons?
Lawn care varies according to the seasons. If grass growing is done, grass should be approached with a different method every season.

How To Care For The Lawn In The Summer?
Watering the grass in summer is extremely troublesome. Much attention needs to be paid. Because the combination of hot air and water can cause serious damage to the lawn. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the irrigation timing in summer. Improper watering in the summer can cause fungi and weeds to multiply. Grass should be mowed once a week and reduced to about 3 centimeters. Besides, grass should be observed against diseases.

How To Care For The Lawn In Winter?
When entering the winter, changes should be made in the maintenance style of the grass. In order to protect it from the cold effects of winter, fertilizing and fine soil reinforcement should be done on the lawn. Apart from this, there is no extra process to be done in the winter.

How To Care For The Lawn In Spring?
The spring season is actually a season when the grass is prepared for summer. Due to the snow in winter and the effect of rain with spring, no additional watering will be required. For this reason, the spring months are the most comfortable lawn care. The main thing to do in this spring period is to observe the grass and to consider the reinforcement methods to be applied in the summer.
How Should The Lawn Be Watered?
Grass irrigation is a process that needs attention. Because, besides watering more or less, it can bring various problems such as illness or weeds. It can even cause the death of the grass in a short time.

Watering Too Much Will Damage The Grass?
Of course, everything is more than harm. Watering the lawn more than necessary also damages it. Excessive watering disproves the roots of the grass. For this reason, the plant will not even have an opportunity to develop naturally. However, the damage to be encountered may vary depending on the nature of the soil. For example, if the soil can act as a strainer, excess water goes deep into the soil. Thus, the roots of the grass will not be exposed to excessive water.

How Do We Make Sure The Grass Gets The Water It Needs?
To understand this, you can count on the sensitivity of your hands. For this, it will be enough to dip your finger in the soil of grass. If you still encounter a damp structure when you put your finger about one centimeter, water is sufficient for your lawn. The soil that your finger could not enter was insufficient in terms of irrigation. In addition, if the grass is pale or faint, it will give you an idea of whether the water is sufficient.

How do I prevent weeds from sticking when cutting wet grass?
It is necessary to cut the grass, which grows very quickly in the summer without extending too much. Sometimes we need to cut the grass when it is wet . Grasses are attached to the blades of the tools we use to cut grass . Cutting the elongated grass in the garden does not tire us, but removing weeds that stick to the blades can be more tiring. With a little help, you can prevent the blades from sticking to the grass .

What To Look Out For When Mowing The Lawn?
Apply vegetable oil to the blade areas of the tool (grass cutter or grass trimmer) we use. It will prevent the sticking of the blade by entering between the metal part and the grass. In this way, sticking of grass will be prevented.

What To Know About Lawn Care
Grass is a type of plant that needs attention. Therefore, if a long-lived green field is desired, it is imperative to follow the cultivation rules of the grass plant. Must be meticulous about every detail such as spraying, fertilizing and mowing.

When Does Germination Begin?
Germination occurs when grass seeds come to life under favorable weather and humidity conditions. 18 to 23 degrees of hot air is sufficient for this. Germination time is limited to about 15 days. However, irrigation is also an important factor and must be done.
How Is The Lawn Mowed?
The grass should be mowed some time after it has grown. Because mowed grass may have a neglected appearance and will cause the plant to be unhealthy. A mower with a sharp blade is sufficient for this. The grass should be mowed with slow movements, not fast.

How Often Should The Lawn Be Mowed:
Mowing can be done once a week when entering summer days. This process should be continued until near winter. Particular attention should be paid to the size of the lawn. Since the grass will grow more frequently in the summer, a 3-centimeter cut can be made. Towards winter, this cut size can be a centimeter.

What To Do To Protect Grass From Pests?
It is one of the most important elements of lawn and garden culture. The grass , which grows spontaneously in the natural environment , is a plant that should be grown by people in city life. The grass, which stretches between the reinforced concrete structures as a lush texture in the parks and gardens, satisfies people's longing for nature. However, growing grass is an extremely difficult task. It is necessary to act professionally in this regard. In this context , it is imperative to protect the grass from pests . For example weedsIt can prevent the development of grass. In addition, fungi can also be caused by excessive watering. In order to protect from fungus, it should not be watered the grass when there are extreme temperatures. For this, either morning hours or evening hours should be preferred. In addition , organic fertilizer can be preferred to get rid of wild plants .

When Should The Spraying Be Done On The Newly Planted Grass?
Rooted grass grown in the field for at least a year will look quite healthy for the first few months. There is no need for spraying during this period. However, if the soil contains wild seeds, a weed killer can be used after about a month.

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