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The most common problems of those who want to grow tomatoes are problems related to the problem of flowering in tomatoes . If tomato flowers are drying and pouring, it's okay. Why do tomatoes shed? Continue reading our article. In the problem of my writing, you will find the reasons for the fall of tomato flowers and the solutions for this.

If you are wondering about the history of tomatoes other than tomato blossom, you can read our article when the tomato was found . So how does the tomato become red when it is a green fruit? I suggest you to read our article on how to fry a tomato in this question .

Before we move on to tomato flower care, let's look at the little information about growing tomatoes.

Characteristics of Tomato : It is known that tomato spread from Peru, its homeland, to other countries and entered our country from Adana. The biological structure of tomato is self-pollinating. But a small amount of foreign fertilization can be observed.

Plant Characteristics Of Tomato
Root: The depth of the tomato roots underground and its distribution to the sides reach a meter length. Root distribution area in greenhouse type cultivation is restricted around 69 cm. The reason for this is that the movement of the soil water is not a top-down sprinkler, but a bottom-up impregnation system. Since the roots of tomatoes grown in greenhouse-type indoor areas are quite weak, the plant should be suspended.

Trunk And Leaves: From the moment the trunk begins to come out of the ground, while round, furry and soft texture, in the following periods, round parts turn into corners and soft parts become hardness. The plant is very prone to branching and expansion. From the place where each leaf is attached to the stem, new tomato shoots appear, which are called seats. Tomatoes are divided into two as dwarf and pole varieties. Stunting plants have a limited branching system and have a bush-like appearance. In the pole varieties, after the formation of a bunch of flowers, the growth continues in the growth end, while the side shoots and flowering processes continue in the leaf seats.

Flower, Seed and Fruit: Tomato flowers are males that have male and female flowers in the same flower. Flowering occurs with the flattening and maturation of the shoot tip. Flowering occurs mainly in the form of bunches on the flat ends of the shoot ends. The first flower of the bunch is formed in the first place. The second flower grows in the growth seat immediately after the first flower. Flowering from the growth seats continues until the inflorescences are completed. Tomatoes are classified in the fruit group and should divide the fruits. Their shape is irregular, since two and more compartments usually occur from large varieties.

Garden Tomato Growing

Tomato is the easiest plant to grow and is suitable for balcony farming. It is a different pleasure to collect vegetables that you grow from your garden and use them in salads and meals. In spring, dig the soil in your garden deeply and ventilate it thoroughly. After supporting the soil with liquid fertilizers containing enough nitrogen and calcium, close deeply dug slots to air the soil and cool the soil to form a smooth line on your garden.

Seedling Production

In special pots, you can grow your seedling from tomato seeds yourself. Seedlings grown under the sunlight, on the windowsill, on the balcony, in the garden, develop quickly. However, as the soil temperature decreases, germination and development times slow down. If you grow seedlings in pots, make sure to give plenty of water.

As the seedling grows, cut the leaves under the stem at a flat angle about 1.5 cm from the stem with sharp scissors. Thus, tomato seedlings grow healthier. You can do the same when you plant the seedling in the garden soil or in the field.
Brush the seedlings every other day with a soft brush while growing the seedlings. As a result, their stems are purified from dust and attract more sunlight, and you have a tomato seedling with a thick stem. There is no need to make seedlings that you planted in open ground, because the wind acts as a natural brush for tomato seedlings. After planting the seedlings in the ground, prevent water loss by giving plenty of water.

It is necessary to water three days a week, especially in the cooler hours of the evening. Reduce the amount of water given as the harvest period approaches. Do not plant another eaves root plant in the soil where you plant tomatoes. Be sure to tear off the shoots that do not bloom on tomato seedlings. These are inefficient parts that absorb the power of the plant. It pauses the development of growing tomatoes by consuming all the minerals in the soil.

Why Tomatoes Flower
There are many situations that cause the tomato flower to fall out. Excessive temperatures above the normal season, inefficient soil, irrigation mistakes, overheating of the pot by getting excessive sunlight, insemination and excessive irrigation causes pouring of tomato flower.

The frequency of watering should be reduced after the tomato blooms . When irrigation is reduced, it will be easier for the plant to get enough minerals from the soil to bear fruit. To ensure the tomato seedling life cycle, it will turn to fruit formation when water is reduced. When the plant begins to bear fruit, it is possible to switch to normal irrigation scheme. In addition, irregular and careless watering creates an environment for many diseases to pass to the plant. To prevent this, drip irrigation systems are used. The period of fertilizer supplement to the plant starts after the formation of fruit. Fertilizing before the plant bears fruit causes the bunch of fruit to burn.

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