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Plague grass plant is commonly called bald grass. However, their Latin names are petasites hybridus and petasites officinalis. This plant is a plant that has pink flowers in spring time and can open the leaves in summer time and reaches about 50 centimeters in length.

In Which Regions Does Plague Grow?
This plant is from the daisy family and can be easily found in almost any temperate zone of the world. However, this plant lives in colonies, especially in forests and shady areas.

How To Use Plague Grass?
The leaves and all parts of this plant that are above the soil are dried first and then boiled with clean water. This mixture that is boiled and prepared is used for healing. Tincture obtained from the root parts of the plant is used externally.

What Are The Ingredients In Plague Grass?
It contains abundant quantities of isopexin, petasin and saponin.

What Are The Benefits Of Plague Herb?
This herb has been used in cough treatment since ancient times. It is also used as a reliever for whooping cough, asthma and bronchial muscles due to its ingredients. Apart from these, it has spasm relieving, pain relief, both stomach, gallbladder and intestinal pain relief, therapeutic treatment in gallbladder disorders, highly effective in gastritis type gastric disorders, calming, sleeping, stimulating heart movements and diuretic properties.

For the treatment of the ailments mentioned above, 50 grams of plague is boiled in only one liter of clean water. Boiling process is continued until the water is half. This medicine, which is boiled and prepared, is drunk 4 times a day and only one cup.

In addition to the ailments we have mentioned, you can find medicines for the headaches of migraine and even heavy back pain by preparing medicines in the same way. To take advantage of these features of the plant, it will be enough to prepare tincture from its roots. Then all you have to do is apply the tincture you have prepared by massaging the aching areas. In this way, you can get rid of both low back pain and headache in a very short time. If you are complaining about the headaches that are constantly progressing rather than migraine and disturbing you for a long time, then you can take a look at our article about what are the best treatments for headaches where we describe how you can treat headaches at home and examine many herbal treatment methods .

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