We see how the wild boar made an effort to save its young.It travels in herds. It is both herbivore and carnivore, eating almost everything from plant roots, vegetables, fruits, reptiles and insects. Average 1.5m. long, 1m. they will be in height. They can weigh up to 300 kilos. They travel in packs of 20. It can give birth to up to 12 puppies at a time. They do not like heat very much, they sleep during the day and travel at night. The biggest enemy is human. Its only great benefit is digging the soil for food and airing it.

Let’s get to the main point after this accelerated briefing. Boars may seem shy, but they are extremely dangerous animals due to their unpredictable movements.

Approximately 15-20 km. they can run quickly
They can cause serious damage due to sharp jaw teeth.
They can contaminate water resources due to their feces.
In contact, it can transmit germs and cause fire.
Pigs generally stay away from humans. Human smell 1-2 km. they can take it from afar and they don’t come close The reason it is as close as you can see is as in the bears; It may be because he is hungry or perceives you as a threat to his offspring.


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