If a lioness with a few cubs cannot find food for a long time and comes to the last exit before dying, she will eat her weakest cub.
In this way, he found the strength to take care of his other cubs for a while. Giraffe hunt of lions, the wild animal of the forests, was displayed frame by frame. How the lion makes moves to catch the giant giraffe cut into his eye. The giraffe is looking to escape, but it seems that it has no chance in the face of lions. He makes moves against the lions with his strong legs, but the cautious young lions are hit by these moves.
The lions, who grab the giraffe by its hind legs, use all their might to put it down. If the giraffe falls to the ground, it has no chance and if it gets caught in its neck, it will end up in the Lions’ Stomach, the last waiting for it.


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