Impala Fights River Survival to Escape Hungry Wild Dogs

It is called the painted wolf or more commonly known as the variegated wolf. It gets its name mostly from its mottled fur.
Although his basic color is black, his whole body
It is covered with brown yellow, white and reddish spots. They are Africa’s best predators. Success rates in hunting are 80 percent. There is a great hierarchy between them. They walk and travel a lot, so their living spaces are very wide. Unfortunately, these dogs are becoming extinct. Genetically, wolves have the same ancestor. People have tried to tame these before, but in vain. Usually, they do not allow a person to touch him. The reason why they eat their prey alive is that these animals are about to go extinct as there are more predatory creatures in their environment. They get caught up in their prey, so they start eating alive.


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