In order to survive in the wild, there are two options, whether you are a hunter or a hunter. We wanted to draw attention to this fine line in this video. According to the findings, one arm of the lions is located in the east and south of Africa; the other branch evolved in central and western Africa, and in India.
The mitochondrial sequences in these samples found in museums were compared with samples taken from lions living in Asia and different parts of Africa. According to the conclusion, the species ‘Panthera leo’, known today as the lion, first appeared in the eastern and southern regions of Africa. Africa’s great rivers such as Nile and Niger reinforced the separation between the lion communities. The lions who left the country reached India.

Less than 400 lions live in India’s Kathiavar Peninsula today. The latest study could help protect the endangered lions. Whether the Nubian lion, easily distinguished from other lions by its large mane, smaller snout, and pointed crown, is a matter of debate.


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