In the wild, sometimes different events take place and are recorded. In this video, we witness the struggle of animals to drive away people who enter their habitat.

The lion will not attack any animal unless it is hungry. He does not touch people unless he is attacked. However, once it has tasted human meat, it poses a serious danger to humans. There are human hunter lions that are historical. A lion can be tamed. Many games can be taught, but not truly tamed.

Mankind has removed the lion as much as possible. Egyptian, Assyrian, and Persian rulers considered fighting lions as a symbolic task. In the seventeenth century, a Mongol ruler hunted lions with 100,000 soldiers. Over a period of 40 years, the Romans had brought over 50,000 lions to Rome.

Lions everywhere became extinct at the end of the last century, with the exception of parts of Africa and India. They were brutally murdered. With the spread of farms and civilization in South Africa, they were shot, trapped, and poisoned by the end of 1860. The lineage of the black-maned Kap lion, one of the most gentle breeds, was consumed. Today, in some countries, special laws are trying to protect their generations.


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