The magnificent natural beauties, which are one of the most attractive aspects of being in nature, can sometimes be threatening and scary due to the presence of other creatures sharing this nature with people. How cute, comforting, and delightful a squirrel is when cycling on a single-person path in the forest, or a squirrel that is noticed with glowing eyes in the dark night, is a family of wild boars passing by, a snake hanging from the branch of the tree, and a stray dog ​​in its simpler form. it can be as scary and dangerous.

In a place where brown bears live, there are suggestions for cyclists, hikers, picnics, or campers to reveal their presence to grizzly bears, to speak loudly when land and vegetation obstruct their view, to make noise, or at least to attach bells to bags. While it is recommended to be in groups, not alone, for safety, it is also stated that the groups are more easily noticed by grizzly bears and other wild animals.

If you come across a Bear ;

If you encounter a brown bear despite all precautions and attention, first try to stay calm; If you believe you can escape, start pedaling with all your strength, but it is useful to keep in mind that a bear can run at an average speed of 50-60 km / h.

If the bear starts running towards you, consider it not as an attack but as a sign of curiosity. Keep in mind that bears don’t see well. When the bear comes within 50 meters of you, lie down and touch your face to the ground. Clasp your hands over your head. Protect your neck, ears, and head. Open your legs as much as possible. Thus, the bear will not be able to turn you around easily. It can play with you during this time. Their long claws can maul you. He can bite to understand what you are. Do not panic, wait patiently and steadfastly to lose interest in a quiet and motionless manner.


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