Although leopards have long bodies, their legs are short. Leopards are the best of the 4 big cats (tiger, lion, leopard, and jaguar) in terms of their ability to climb trees.

Leopards’ claws are very sharp and very sharp. Ear structures are short and round. Its fur is short and very shiny. For this reason, its fur is also a very valuable animal.

Leopards have black spots on their bodies. They have a yellow-brown and dark brown color in terms of color. The color of the lower parts is white. There are also leopards whose bodies are completely black and are known as black leopards. In fact, one of the leopard cubs from the same parents may be yellow-brown, while the other can be black.

Leopards have black dotted lines on the lower part of their neck.
Another feature of leopards is that they can take the animals they hunt to the trees. In particular, they take their prey up to the tree so as not to be lost to other animals. Even the prey they take out can be quite large, and they can even bring out deer. Because leopards are strong animals.

Although there are many species of leopards, many extinct species of some species are in danger of extinction. The places where these animals are found in the world are the African Continent, Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, and China.

In general, leopards can live in forests, bushes, semi-desert climates, rainforests, and especially in cold mountains in China.


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