Unfortunately, in this video, a lone pitbull is encountered who is tied to a tree in the garden, but who suffers from the chains that are stuck in the branches of the tree. We can explain such images as follows.

Abandoned dog loses confidence

Whether leaving dogs in a shelter, on the street or elsewhere, the first thing a dog experiences wherever it is abandoned is a loss of confidence. He feels completely insecure, and this brings fear. When you turn around and leave, the trust for the dog is gone, the world is now a more frightening place for him than ever before.

Adopting someone else does not prevent the dog from feeling abandoned!

Some people choose to “adopt” the dog they don’t want anymore instead of throwing them into the street, and they think that they are good people, whereas dogs are creatures that have deep bonds with their people, and for them, not every person is the same, so giving the dog to someone does not prevent him from feeling abandoned.

Pain in abandoned dogs consists of three stages

Pain in abandoned dogs consists of three defined stages;

Don’t protest (bark, cry)
The level of cortisol, known as the stress hormone, increases significantly in abandoned dogs, and stress causes the immune system of abandoned dogs to weaken. This means that many viruses in particular can easily get sick if dogs are left in shelters where bacteria are rampant.


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