Washing time after the outside tour. The answer to the question of when do dogs bathe depends on your dog’s condition and age. If your dog is still a puppy, it is recommended that you do not wash them within the first 6 weeks for whatever reason. Dogs over 6 weeks can be washed at 6-week intervals. Signs that it is time for your dog to bathe are as follows;

If your dog’s fur looks dull and pale,

If your dog has started to itch more than usual.

If he wags his tail like he’s constantly struggling with something,

If it’s gotten muddy and dirty from too many street trips in a row, you may want to consider bathing your dog.

To bathe the dog, you must use warm water. Before bathing your dog, it is recommended to check the temperature of the water with your hand.

Dogs generally do not like bathing and can get cranky when they realize that they will be bathed. Therefore, speaking in a warm, sweet and reassuring voice while taking your dog into the bath and during the whole procedure can help your dog relax.

First of all, it is recommended to wet your dog so that the water does not get into his eyes and ears. Before washing, you can stuff cotton in your dog’s ears and prevent water from getting into the ear.

After the soaking process, you can foam the dog shampoo in your hand and apply it to all parts of your dog except the head.

After you spread the shampoo all over the body, you can brush all of your dog’s hair with a brush that will not hurt your dog and ensure that the shampoo reaches the skin.

After brushing, you should rinse off all foams by holding warm water to your dog’s fur. You can repeat the rinsing process twice, as any foam remaining on your dog can cause skin problems.

Finally, you can wash your dog’s head with your hands. If you notice that your dog is afraid during this process, you can terminate the washing process without forcing him.

After washing, you can dry your dog with towels. Using a hair dryer while drying is not recommended as it may harm your dog’s health.


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