American Bully vs. Pitbull: what is the difference?

At first look, you may marvel what makes these two breeds so totally different. In actual fact, there are a number of key variations. The largest distinguishing characteristic is bodily look. The American Bully has a big head with a pointy nostril in comparison with the Pit Bull’s narrower face.

The American Bully is shorter than a Pit Bull mainly because of its legs. Only the Classic American Bully breed is known to have average-sized legs.
The Pit Bull is definitely known for its muscles, but muscle is one of the main characteristics of the American Bully. Heavy bones, a wide chest, and simply too thick.

Is American Bully Offensive?

Let’s chat about dog aggression. They are thought to be aggressive because of Pit bulls, one of the ancestors of the Bully genus. Plus, they look tough, with rippling muscles and monstrous jaws. The problem lies in dogfighting.

Without a doubt, these dogs are rough, agile and muscular, they can very easily take on any physical challenge.
Pit Bulls are used extensively as fighting dogs. Dogs are specially bred for aggression, being aggressive despite being faithful and gentle in natural traits. This is not the breed standard for dogs. It is abused by humans, which leads to trauma that causes behavioral problems. Therefore, it is very important to be careful when choosing a breeder to make sure you get a puppy starting life in a loving environment.

So, NO American Bully is not aggressive by nature. It all depends on genetics, breeding and training (which is true for almost any dog ​​breed).


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