Some training tips for your Pit Bull.

Sit down
Whereas holding some pet meals above your pet’s head, inform him to sit down down. Transfer the meals in your hand to the again of your baby’s head and make it sit. Then reward it and provides it an additional quantity as a reward. With the leash technique, whereas your pet is sitting in your left aspect, maintain the leash along with your proper hand. 

Simply stand nonetheless, get your pet’s consideration and get them hooked on you. It’s also possible to use formulation for this. Simply at that second say “Okay”. Till your pet sits (which can) be affected person, reward and reward him. Then give him a command whereas pulling it off the leash. When it’s profitable, simply command, don’t pull on the leash. So your pet will reply to the command. You didn’t neglect to reward and reward him.
Whereas your pet is sitting in your left aspect, you’re taking his leash in your proper hand, along with your palms going through your pet’s face, deliver your fingers down and say “Keep” to your pet. Take a step in Entrance of your baby as you watch him along with your eyes. If he does, repeat the “Keep” command to him, gently reminding him. At first, gently let your pet stand for 5-10 seconds in a “keep” place earlier than praising them. 

Regularly enhance the time and distance away from it. Stroll with you Hold your pet in your left aspect and get his consideration. Then stroll ahead along with your left step as you command him to “stroll subsequent to me”. Present your pet the place you wish to be by patting your leg. Take a couple of steps to the aspect with him after which reward him. Both your canine as soon as grasps the essential thought, step by step add distance and return. Provide him some pet meals to reward and encourage him.


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