Keeping the Feathers Clean

A dog’s fur is not clipped unless its characteristics require it. The sun can burn the dog’s skin so the insects find an area where they can suck the dog’s blood. There are many tools used to keep the dog’s coat clean: long and wide toothed combs, brushes of varying degrees of hardness, small rakes, scissors and knives for this job. Straight-haired dogs need to be squashed with a special glove or a light metal brush. It is beneficial to cut the feathers of the breeds with long and wiry hair if their characteristics require it. This application ensures that the lifeless hair is removed and the desired shape is given to the dog. It is also possible to partially trim the dog’s hair for aesthetic reasons. Both the trimming and trimming of the feathers should be done by people who know this job. It can be applied by the dog owner who knows the cutting job, has enthusiasm and time. Poodle breed dogs are cropped according to a regular schedule to get the desired look.

Eyes, Ears and Mouth All dog breeds need regular and periodic care

From time to time, the dog should have an eye bath. Ears should be cleaned weekly using a moistened cotton swab with blue spirit. Teeth require veterinary care. It is necessary to remove tartar that can cause teeth to fall out. The nails should be shortened with suitable scissors and not to make it difficult for the animal to walk. Care should be taken not to injure the animal’s skin while performing this procedure. In case of itching, the breech guts should be emptied. This is an application that the veterinarian can do.


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