A feminine chook from the Pheasant household, medium-sized, with a flattened physique, sturdy beak, scratching ft, brief or rounded wings. The male known as a rooster, the newly hatched offspring known as a chick, and the youthful than one yr outdated known as a chick. There’s a purple flesh crest on his head. Below the beak, two comparable fleshy elements hold down. There are 4 fingers on their ft, three in entrance and one within the again. His eyes are on either side of his head, and he has three eyelids every. The third curtain protects the attention from extra mild. Queue; giant in roosters and small in chickens.

Since they’ve small wings, they’ll solely fly briefly distances. Their stomachs, like different birds, are of three elements. The baits first go to the crop after which to the foremast. Lastly, the stable is digested. Chickens don’t nest. They roost on the bottom or on tree branches. They’re pleasant animals. Usually, their physique temperature is 40.5-42 ° C. After they incubate, they flip the eggs and attempt to give the identical warmth to all of them. It could possibly hatch at 38 and 41 levels. The best temperature is 39-40 levels. Small chickens have a better temperature than giant chickens.


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