Dwell weight is between 800-1000 kg in males and 600-700 kg in females. Cidago peak is 145 cm in males and 135 cm in females. Their colour is black and darkish brown. Its female and male have horns. Its pores and skin is thicker than that of cattle. It’s between 1000-1500 gr. Milk yield is round 5000 lt in a lactation interval. Meat yield is round 50%. Milk has a fats ratio of round 8%. Meat is used particularly in making sausage. Milk is extra invaluable than cattle milk.

Up to now, buffaloes, which have been used extra usually as work animals, are actually used extra for milk and meat. Buffalo milk is about 2 occasions extra fats than cow’s milk and may be saved for an extended time period. The ldl cholesterol content material in milk is 2.5 occasions decrease than that of cow’s milk. One of many well-known cheeses distinctive to Italy, mozzarella cheese is made with buffalo milk.


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