Male lions have an iconic mane surrounding their heads; no females. The colour of the manes signifies each age and braveness. Totally mature males weigh between 150 and 250 kilograms; females weigh between 120 and 180 kilos. Males (together with the tail) can attain 300 cm in size, and females are normally shorter than 270 cm. Each sexes are about 120 cm. is in peak. Within the wild, males usually dwell 12 years; Females dwell a mean of 15 years.

Lions, being the one social cat, dwell in teams known as pleasure. Prides encompass three to 40 lions, with a mean of 15. Females normally stay with their start pleasure for all times, however males depart after two to 4 years. There are normally just one or two grownup male lions in every pleasure. Males are primarily liable for the security of their pleasure. Whereas taking part within the hunt, they spend most of their time on safety patrols. They will defend pleasure territories that may cowl as much as 100 sq. miles. Females are liable for prey that normally happens after darkish. They’re additionally the first caregivers of lion cubs. The consuming hierarchy is first males, then females, after which offspring.


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