By nature, lynxes roam alone and hunt solely at evening. Their good eyes and good sense of odor assist them observe and observe their prey. Though lynxes should not quick runners, they’re hardy for it. Generally they chase their prey for miles. Other than these, they’re good swimmers and climbers. They feed on lynxes, small deer, badgers, hares, foxes, squirrels, fish and birds. They solely eat carrion after they should, they usually may cause nice hurt to pets. Because of this, these cats are nonetheless being hunted.

Mating time of the Canadian lynx begins in early March and continues till early and mid-April. After 63 days of being pregnant, on common, two to 4 puppies are born. In uncommon instances, as many as six infants are born. When the puppies are born, they’re blind however very furry. Their eyes open after 10 days and the pups depart the cave after about 2 months. Normally they go looking with their mom.


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