The jaguar, with its robust jaws and claws, is a affected person and crafty predator. It rests throughout the day and often hunts by the water within the night. It lies on the branches mendacity on the water and waits for the animals that come to drink water by ambushing them for hours. Being swimmer, he additionally follows his prey within the water. It hunts tapirs, alligators and alligators within the water, in addition to leaping from department to department in timber, searching monkeys. It’s a terrifying, predatory animal that feeds on quite a lot of mammals, together with people. He carries the prey he has killed and eats it. It shops the excess by burying it within the smooth soil.

It leaves it in rocky locations. Fish and carrion are additionally amongst their meals. It likes to wander alone outdoors the breeding season. Often mates in June. After about 110 days, the feminine offers start to 2-3 cubs with eyes closed. Cubs mature inside 2-3 years. Though it’s doable to tame them when they’re younger, they grow to be very harmful for people after they develop up.


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