Crocodiles can attain a velocity of 40 km underneath water. Crocodiles can develop as much as 3 to 4 meters. There are crocodiles over 80 years previous in zoos. Crocodiles have 5 fingers on the entrance legs and 4 fingers on the hind legs. There are 3 webbed eyes on the crocodiles. There’s a valve.This aquatic reptile group lives in rivers, swamps and lakes. Some species additionally enter the ocean. Tail is very efficient in swimming. Their our bodies are lengthy and the tail is flattened from the perimeters, appropriate for swimming. thick and conical on the plinth facet, flattened from the perimeters backwards. Their tails, flattened from the perimeters, function a rudder.

Their thick pores and skin is roofed with plaques and scales of dermal (bone, osteoderm) origin on the backside and epidermic (keratin) origin on the prime. Because of this, their leather-based is powerful and is utilized in luggage and sneakers. Legs are shorter in comparison with the physique. There are 4 fingers within the entrance 5 hind ft. Between the hind toes is both full or semi-membranous. The hearts have 4 segments like in mammals and birds. The precise and left ventricles are fully separate and have a gap (Foramen Panizzae) that may be closed on the prime. The jaws have “Thecodont” kind enamel situated within the alveolar pits, as in mammals [theco: alveoli, dont: tooth]. These enamel are helpful for catching prey slightly than chewing. The decrease jaw is immobile, the higher jaw is cellular.


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