Hippos mate with the onset of drought intervals. The gestation interval of pregnant hippos is about 8 months, and so they give beginning to just one child in a litter, to coincide with the interval when the rains start. Females are fertilized in water in addition to in water. The load of a new child hippo varies between 30 and 50 kilograms. After beginning, the mom hippopotamus doesn’t carry any creatures, together with different hippos, along with her offspring for a sure time frame. Juvenile hippos take 6 years to achieve sexual puberty.

Particularly in international locations the place they dwell, hippos are hunted for his or her meat and pores and skin. As well as, making varied equipment from their tooth is among the most important causes for his or her searching. Hippos, that are very harmful to people after they really feel hazard to them, should not extraordinarily aggressive in the direction of people in regular occasions.


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