Some sort of haired aurochs of America. It was once ample on this continent. It lives in a herd. It’s also known as the American buffalo or the American lowland buffalo. It’s blackish darkish brown in shade. It’s a very courageous and cautious animal. Except angered, it not often assaults folks. Its meat and pores and skin are very appropriate. It likes wetlands, treeless, pasture lands. It was once present in giant flocks within the Mississippi Valley. It was a useful supply of meals and clothes for the Indians. Then it was closely consumed by the Whites. Herds of bison, which numbered as much as 60 million earlier than they got here to America, are only some hundred at present.

Its extinction is being tried to be protected in nationwide parks. Females are smaller than males, weighing 350-450 kg. Grownup males have a long-haired black beard on their chin. There are additionally bison that dwell in small quantities of forests and mountain areas. Mountain bison are bigger and taller than plain bison. The European bison, which is on the verge of extinction, is bigger than the American bison, and its mane is shorter.


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