They principally stay in excessive altitude zones situated at an altitude of about 5.5 thousand meters above sea stage. They’re strong, cellular, resistant animals that may climb steep rocks and survive by feeding on vegetation with little or no soil. Mountain goats are related to mountain rams and are similar to them, they’re distantly associated. The ancestor of the home goat is the domesticated subspecies of the bezoar goat, which is the wild consultant of the genus. Physique size is round 100-180 cm and 70-100 cm, and weight varies relying on gender, from 30-60 kg (females) as much as 155 kg for the biggest species for males.

It’s thought-about the primary characteristic of those animals in each sexes. They’ve antlers, however their form and size are additionally considerably completely different. Males with a most size of 1 meter have a spirally curled brief horn, whereas females have a 15-18 cm skinny and barely curved horn. Totally different representatives of this species of anterior wall bifurcated animals have a transverse thickening of their horns, to various levels of severity. They’re hole in them and by no means change. Generally representatives of some species could cause an elongation of the coating on the neck and decrease a part of the chest.


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