The big kudus has a slender physique with lengthy legs and coats can vary from brown / bluish grey to reddish brown. they’ve 4 to 12 vertical white strains alongside their stems. the pinnacle tends to be darker than the remainder of the physique and displays a small white stripe working between the eyes. Massive kudu bulls are usually a lot bigger than cows and make much more noises with low grunts, rumbling, buzzing and panting. Bulls even have beards that run alongside their throats and huge horns with two and a half curves, which might have reached a median size of 120 cm (47 inches) if straightened. 187.64 cm (73.87 inch). They’re barely separated after they lean again from the pinnacle. The horn doesn’t start to develop till the bull is 6–12 months previous. Horns type the primary spiral rotation at about 2 years of age and don’t attain a full two and a half rotation till 6 years previous; typically they’ll even make 3 full turns.

This is likely one of the largest antelope species. Bulls weigh 190–270 kg (420–600 lb), most 315 kg (694 lb), and stand as much as 160 cm (63 inches) on the shoulder. The ears of the nice kudu are vast and spherical. Cows weigh 120–210 kg (260–460 lb) and stand as quick as 100 cm (39 inches) on the shoulder; They’re hornless, with out beard or nostril marks. The pinnacle and physique size is 185–245 cm (6.07–8.04 ft), and the tail can add one other 30–55 cm (12–22 inches).


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