The African lion is likely one of the 4 large cats holding such titles as the biggest predator of the savannah, the second largest cat on this planet (the biggest tiger). Even when the lion is the biggest tiger, the lion is the strongest predator. It could possibly attain 70 meters and its weight as much as 260 kilos. Females are virtually half that. Its fur is brownish yellow. The person’s mane ranges from brownish yellow to black. It has a large brow, sturdy jaw, lengthy and pull-out nails, yellowish quick and flat hair. The tip of its tail is tasseled.

The top of the male lion is adorned with an extended and delightful mane. This fringe, which is unfold over his shoulders, swells when he will get indignant. He’s known as the king of beasts as a result of he’s very sturdy and courageous. It’s the first strongest aggressive cat recognized within the wild. Its terrifying roar could be heard 5 km forward. Folks can use it as prey.


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