Buffalo is a late-growing animal in comparison with cattle. The event continues till the age of 6. Their lifespan is as much as 30 years. The age of reaching maturity of the breed is later than the cattle; Subsequently, female and male buffaloes as much as 1 12 months previous might be stored collectively. Buffalo heifers attain sexual maturity when they’re 13-14 months previous. For that reason, buffalo heifers might be inseminated when they’re 22-24 months previous. (Identical to cattle, buffalo heifers might be inseminated after they attain of their grownup physique weight. Nonetheless, in pregnancies obtained at an early age, sufficient
On account of not being fed, the chance of development retardation and really low milk yield ought to be taken into consideration.)

Male buffaloes can be utilized as bulls after 20-21 months and as much as 5-6 years of age. The breeding age of bulls is 2-15 years. Anger in manna cows just isn’t as pronounced as in cattle and the interval of estrus is calmer. In an indignant buffalo, it isn’t all the time doable to see indicators similar to not permitting different buffalo cows to leap on themselves or splashing on different buffalo cows, as is the case with cows.


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