Asking the place zebras, hippos dwell, we instantly think about the African savanna. Its physique is medium in dimension and reaches a size of greater than 2 meters. The load is 350 kg. The tail grows to a median of fifty cm, often males are bigger than females, and their top on the withers is about 1.5 meters. These animals have a stocky and dense physique, with brief legs ending in pretty sturdy hooves. The brief mane is stiff. The central row of hair from the again to the pinnacle to the tail seems to be like a brush. The neck is muscular and thicker in males.

In comparison with horses, zebras do not run very quick. Nevertheless, if needed, their velocity will be as much as 80 km / h. When chasing a zebra, it makes use of a particular tactic – a zigzag run. This makes it inaccessible to many predators.This animal is poorly seen, however has a well-developed sense of scent that permits you to really feel hazard at nice distances. The sounds made by a zebra are very various. Don’t let a canine bark, neighbor a horse, yell a donkey, and many others. They’re comparable. Furthermore, every part depends upon the state of affairs. With an acceptable mixture of situations, in pure situations, zebras can dwell as much as 30 years, and even as much as 40 years in captivity.


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