Giraffe (Giraffidae). Locations lived: in Central Africa. Traits: The tallest mammal residing on land. Its peak from the bottom is 4-5 meters. It feeds on tree leaves and shoots. Life Span: 25-30 years. Sorts: There are two varieties. Noticed giraffe (G.camelopardalis), Webbed giraffe (G.reticulata).

The tallest mammal that lives in herds within the African meadows. Its neck and entrance legs are very lengthy. The peak of the male giraffe from head to floor is 5.5 meters. Its weight is as much as 2 tons. There are darkish spots on the yellowish physique. Each women and men have brief horns coated with bushy pores and skin and a brief bushy mane that extends from the pinnacle to the again. There’s a lengthy tassel on the tail finish. Their lengthy ears are playful. The sense of sight may be very sturdy. He can shut his nostrils at any time. It’s an animal with two-piece hoofs, ruminant, feeding on leaves and tree shoots. In uncommon circumstances, it additionally eats bushes and grass. On this case, he can open his entrance legs like a compass and bow his head to the bottom. It does the identical whereas consuming water. Her exhausting and bushy lips are cell. It eats by greedy leaves and shoots with its tongue that may lengthen as much as 45-50 cm. It doesn’t want a lot water. He could not drink water for a month or so. Drink regular water in areas with water. Females are 5 meters tall and weigh 900 kg.


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