Most leopards are mild coloured and have darkish spots on their fur. These spots are known as “rosette”; their form is just like the form of a rose. There are additionally black leopards whose fur is troublesome to see the spots as a result of they’re so darkish.Leopards may be present in numerous places all over the world – sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, Central Asia, India and China are the most typical. Leopards are quick kitties and may pace as much as 58 kilometers per hour. Their our bodies are tremendous springy. They usually can leap ahead 6 meters within the air – greater than the size of three adults mendacity head-to-head. Leopards are very lonely and spend most of their time alone. Every has its personal soil and leaves scratches on timber, urine odor marks, and thundering to steer different leopards to remain away.

Men and women cross via the identical lands, however solely mate and proceed on their method. They’ve a really giant weight-reduction plan. They’re carnivorous, the most typical creatures to feed are bugs, antelopes, numerous rodents, deer, monkeys, fish. Leopards are expert climbers and wish to relaxation on tree branches all through the day. On the similar time, they’re sturdy and may carry their prey to timber. On this method, they defend their prey from scavengers similar to hyenas. They spend many of the day resting within the timber, camouflaging or hiding in caves. They’re lively at evening. They exit to search for meals presently.


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