Giraffes are docile animals. That is why they like to run in occasions of hazard. They run quick, however when lions assault at a velocity of 80 km per hour, they’re caught and turn into bait. Their biggest enemies are people and lions, who hunt these animals for his or her pores and skin. These animals, which journey in herds, additionally run away. Giraffes have ox heads, leopards in coloration, and camel-like shapes. Many consultants thought that this species emerged from the mating of camel and leopard for years. There isn’t any particular interval for giraffes to mate.

Giraffes can run at a velocity of 52 km per hour. They unfold their legs aside whereas bending down. They spend a lot of the day consuming. Feminine giraffes may give beginning whereas standing. They will sleep standing up. This era can fluctuate between 10 minutes and a pair of hours. They’ve a life expectancy of 25-30 years. Their cubs bleat like lambs. Adults have coarser voices. They’re docile and calm animals. Their ears are very delicate and their eyes are very sharp. Due to their lengthy necks, they’ll detect risks within the distance.


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