It feeds on carrion present in nature, weakened animals, small mammals it will probably catch, in addition to melons, carrots and wild nuts. They could assault home animals by coming to settlements during times of starvation. It’s recognized that striped hyenas can come to the corpses left within the forest areas throughout Eid al-Adha. Striped hyenas, that are on the “Pink Record” of the World Union for Conservation of Nature and the endangered species, are present in Africa and Asia in addition to in Turkey, Southeastern Anatolia Area. lives in.

There are grotesque tales that they allegedly uncovered burial websites and consumed corpses. His shade was blocked by his spotty gaze they usually mentioned about his eyes that they might change their shade. It is as if they’ll hypnotize an individual and switch into stone in dying hyenas. Rumors of this type are nonetheless circulating amongst some peoples residing within the desert. For instance, Arabs are considered werewolves that solely God can save. You can’t shoot them, in any other case hassle will come. In artwork and tradition, the picture of a hyena can be usually not proven from the perfect facet.


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