Eagle, with its majestic stance, thrilling and horrifying look, is a fowl that has at all times been the image of freedom and energy for folks. However sadly, people have virtually extincted this fowl, which breeds little or no. There are those that consider that the eagle assaults youngsters and lambs. Though it has typically been seen that it snatches small lambs, it does profit people by consuming small rodents (rats, rabbits, and so forth.) and sick animals. It catches these animals with its sharp claws and shreds them and serves to take care of the steadiness in nature. Imperial eagle, golden eagle, snake eagle, dwarf eagle and so forth. There are numerous varieties. The imperial eagle is sort of massive. It could possibly weigh 5 kg and a wingspan of two m.

The eagle hunts in the course of the day. It could possibly see a dormant rabbit from 2 km away and it leaps over it with lightning velocity from the hill. It makes its nest within the mountains and on steep cliffs on the coast. The feminine eagle lays one or two eggs a yr, so it breeds little. The eagle, an emblem of would possibly, was the logo of the Roman legions; It was additionally included within the coats of arms of some historical states (Seljuk State, Austria, Spain, Prussia, Russia, and so forth.), even within the twentieth century there are nations whose coat of arms was eagle.


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