Prince of Cats leopard is pleasant to people when it’s small however very harmful when it grows up Prince of cats or Pathera Pardus Its size reaches 210 cm excluding its 90 cm tail. Weight 50-90 kilograms, peak on the withers 60-70 cm. It’s a solitary animal that lives in forests and bushes and is generally energetic at evening. He is an effective climber. He is an effective swimmer. It jumps into the water with out hesitation. There isn’t a particular breeding season. The feminine provides beginning to 2 to 4 (often three) cubs after a three-month gestation interval. A form, agile, courageous, unbiased creature…

Her coat may be very aesthetic along with her lengthy physique and superior patterns. Her robust face can also be very lovely. From afar, in fact. And particularly when he does not open his mouth and make these eerie sounds… All these are only a few of the phrases that may be mentioned for the leopards, that are known as the “Prince of Cats”. The leopard can be known as an “environmentally delicate animal”. It kills to fulfill its want for meals, as a result of it prevents its prey from being wasted by consuming it to the bone. People, then again, tame the child leopards they captured after they have been younger, ignoring their wild nature, however by no means eager about the implications.


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