A working herd of impalas is a sight to behold. Though these animals are pleasant, their herd hardly exceeds fifty heads. Women and men reside collectively in the course of the winter months when the herds are essentially the most crowded. In the summertime, they wander in scattered flocks of fifteen or twenty females with a younger male. Though the male has to combat for his harem on occasion, he’s robust sufficient to resist the assaults of the older male impalas.

The coat of the impala is reddish-gold, and the underside of its physique is white. Solely males have horns. They’re ringed and rebab formed, and their size is about 35-50 cm. The peak of the implan at shoulder peak is 90 cm and its weight is 80 kg at most. Regardless of being closely hunted by wild canines and different carnivores, impala remains to be ample in Kenya and Tanganyika. One relative additionally lives in South West Africa and Angola.


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