Striped hyenas dwell in North Africa and Asia. Their size is 105 cm and their weight is as much as 40 kg. They largely feed on carrion. The noticed hyena roams the sandy shores of Africa, feeding on carrion from the ocean. Each species love solitude.

The gestation interval is as much as three months. They typically give beginning to 1 or two cubs. Their lifespan normally reaches 25 years. Solely striped hyenas are discovered within the southern areas of our nation. Opposite to well-liked perception, hyenas are neither canines nor felines. This animal, which belongs to a different household known as the hyena household, is carnivorous, that’s, it feeds on meat. The entrance legs of this animal, which appears like a big canine, are longer than the hind legs. It has manes on its chest and its again will get nearer to the bottom in direction of its hind legs.


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