Mongooses are carnivorous and agile creatures and there are about 20 species. These mice stay underground like different mice. Whereas residing in nations corresponding to Africa and Turkey, these mice generally stay in Egypt. They’re thought-about sacred in Egypt and are mentioned to be mummified once they die. The primary cause why they’re thought-about sacred is to forestall the copy of crocodiles, as this mouse species loves crocodile eggs and their younger very a lot, and it has been advised that it protects the Nile river from the invasion of crocodiles by consuming its eggs and younger. There are additionally rumors that it’s thought-about sacred as a result of it additionally eats snakes.

These mice, which have the dimensions of a cat, are often 105 cm in size. However their tails can develop as much as 1 meter. The colour of its feathers is brown. Mongooses stay in teams of 5-6 on common. Additionally, as a result of the legs of mongooses are brief, they provide the impression of crawling on the bottom. Identical to a ferret, these mice transfer very quick and once they discover their prey, they by no means let go.


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