In 2009, Fry found the reality behind the “deadly chew of the komodo dragon” via a medical scanner. The Dragon; It has venom glands full of toxins that decrease blood stress, trigger severe bleeding, stop clotting and improve the danger of shock, but it surely doesn’t use these micro organism as poison (Eng: “micro organism as venom”), quite the opposite, it makes use of the venom in keeping with its perform (Eng: “venom as venom”) “) makes use of.

In line with Fry, who relied on a complete evaluation of dragons’ skulls, dragons kill their prey utilizing the “seize, rip, and drip” tactic. He bites together with his serrated enamel and pulls the piece again together with his sturdy neck muscle groups. The result’s massive, open wounds. The secreted venom then accelerates blood loss and shocks the prey.


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