Hyenas (Hyaenidae), one of the well-known carrion-feeding animals, and identified for his or her laughing-like sounds, are a household of carnivores (Carnivora). Though they appear to be canines in look, they’re truly included within the suborder Feliformia and, based on the concepts of scientists, are derived from the civet household (Viverridae). In the present day’s hyenas are widespread in Africa and southern and western Asia. They’re generally known as scavengers.

An important widespread characteristic of hyenas is that their entrance legs are longer than their hind legs. They don’t have the power to retract their nails like felines. The genitals of hyenas are probably the most fascinating of all mammals. The feminine’s clitoris is so giant that it’s even described as “pseudopenis”. It additionally has sacs that appear to be testicles round it. Due to this fact, figuring out the intercourse of hyenas is obscure even when regarded intently. Due to these anatomical options, they had been considered androgynous, however it is a false impression.


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