There are about 24 species of eagles identified on the earth. The Golden Eagle, Snake Eagle, Black Eagle, Steppe Eagle, and White-headed American eagle are probably the most well-known species. The snake eagle, which might simply spot its prey on the bottom with its sturdy eyesight, approaches its prey at a velocity of 350 km per hour. Typically he lets the prey he catches die by dropping it from a top to the bottom. On this manner, the deceased can eat the prey with none bother. Eagles feed on animals reminiscent of rabbits, mice, and snakes.

It has an extended and curved beak and vast wings. Wing widths can attain 2.5 meters. Its size can attain 2 meters. Its weight can attain 7 kilograms relying on the kind. The biggest species of eagle is the Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle. It has the facility to hunt massive animals reminiscent of kangaroos. Not like the Wedge-Tailed Eagles, the smallest eagle species is the American White-Headed Eagle. These eagles additionally feed on fish. The perfect seeing eye in birds is the eagle’s eye. It’s because they’ve two retinas of their eyes. They will simply see the rabbit on the bottom from two kilometers away. They stay in mountains or forests. They make their nests in excessive locations. It is usually potential that they nest at a depth of as much as 3 meters. Eagles can attain a velocity of 350 km per hour. They stay with one mate all their lives. Subsequently, it is without doubt one of the most loyal mates in nature. The feminine normally lays an egg within the nest. However in addition they lay two eggs. After about 45 days, the eggs hatch and the fry hatch. Nonetheless, the sturdy offspring throws the weaker one out of the nest and stays alone within the nest. The female and male wait in flip for the nest.


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