The male lion is an entire image of energy. His shoulders, toes and chest are extraordinarily muscular. He can break the backbone of an average-sized animal with one claw stroke. Regardless of its sturdy construction, it approaches its prey very quietly on its specifically designed claws. The nails have a really sharp construction and could be pulled in when they need. They’ve a ahead imaginative and prescient even in very low gentle. Thus, lions can hunt at night time as nicely. As a result of they cannot transfer their eyes very a lot backward and forward, they’ve to show their heads to have a look at an object on the aspect.

They’ve a robust smelling skill. These skills assist them in some ways. Lions regard a sure space as their very own and fiercely resist when different lions enter this space. Demarcation of the territory is completed by peeing in sure areas, and it’s also by sniffing whether or not one other lion enters its space. This enhanced sense helps it now and again to search out prey hidden by one other predator. Jakobson organ, positioned on the high of the mouth, has an vital operate in having this particular olfactory operate.


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