It’s an agile animal with a stocky physique, lengthy neck and legs, belonging to the ruminant suborder hole horned animals from the order of the ungulates of mammals. It’s referred to as a hook-horned mountain goat as a result of the horns come out vertically from the cranium and bend inward like a hook in the direction of the tip. Its tail is brief. A black stripe runs on its again from the shoulder to the tail. There’s a large black band on the cheek from the nook of the mouth to the again of the attention. They hatch every year. They often give two offspring at a time (April and Might).

Because the backside of their nails is roofed with a thick layer of pores and skin, they’ll transfer freely on steep cliffs. The a part of their claws is versatile and the ideas of their claws are extra pointed in order that they’ll transfer on the ice. With a purpose to use their power effectively within the snow in winter, they comply with one another’s footsteps and proceed in a single file. They’ll leap 2-3 meters up and 6-7 meters forward from the place they’re. They’re superb runners, climbers and observers. They’ve an excellent sense of odor and sight. Each men and women have horns. Their horns are shiny, lengthy and hooked backwards, above the attention sockets. The horn size is 18-20 cm as much as the common hook, and 25-30 cm in whole. Horns in males are longer and thicker.


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