Anacondas are stocky, muscular snakes which might be thicker than different boas. They’ve thick necks and slim however massive heads. All anacondas have nostrils and eyes on the tops of their heads, which permits them to remain submerged whereas below water. They’ve a thick black stripe that runs from the attention to the chin. Anacondas have small, easy scales that develop in the direction of the again of their our bodies. They’ve free, smooth pores and skin that may deal with quite a lot of water absorption, in keeping with the College of Michigan’s Animal Variety Community (ADW). Their speckled, inexperienced, yellow and brown coloration palettes permit them to mix with tropical rivers and rainforests.

Anacondas reside in tropical rivers and swamps in rainforests or grasslands. They thrive within the warmth, humidity, and dense foliage of the rainforest, in keeping with the San Diego Zoo. They spend most of their time swimming or hiding in muddy, sluggish rivers and slow-moving streams. They bask themselves on branches hanging above the water, they will simply fall when obligatory.


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