Zebras solely dwell of their pure habitat in Africa. It’s from the Equine class and its striped patterns are its most distinguishing options. It is onerous to consider, however the quantity and sample of stripes on every zebra are totally different from one another. Whereas these strains stand in flocks, additionally they type a protection mechanism. The vertical stripes of the zebras standing aspect by aspect be sure that the lion-type animals that watch them to hunt them see the herd in a single piece and the animal to be hunted can’t be chosen. Feeding on grass and water, these animals typically stroll 50 kilometers to graze, graze, after which return to their accustomed atmosphere. Their common size is 1-2 meters. Asking the place zebras and hippos dwell, we instantly think about the savanna of Africa.

Zebra is a mammal of a gaggle of equine steadiness. Its physique is medium in measurement and reaches a size of greater than 2 meters. Weight is 350 kg. The tail grows to a mean of fifty cm, normally males are bigger than females and are about 1.5 meters excessive on the withers. These animals have a stocky and dense physique, their brief legs finish with reasonably highly effective hooves. Quick mane stiff. The central row of hair working from the again from head to tail resembles a brush. The neck is muscular and thicker in males.


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