The story that began in our moms’ chest, needlework

Lace; It’s a handicraft made utilizing knitting approach with supplies comparable to silk, cotton and artificial threads, sequins and beads, with instruments comparable to needles, shuttles, hairpins and crochet hooks. The premise of lace relies on sericulture. It’s recognized that the phrase “oya”, which has no equal in different languages, is exclusive to Anatolian girls and that this artwork takes place primarily in Turkish cultural historical past, after which it was seen in different geographies beneath the title of “lace” with the identical approach. It’s recorded that knitting made with needles handed from Anatolia to Greece and from there to Europe through Italy within the twelfth century.
The most important issue within the emergence and growth of needle lace is that Anatolia is on the Silk Highway and silk is produced. Embroidery, which has a wealthy variety and deep-rooted historical past, is an expression and expression of what the Anatolian bride can’t say.

This distinctive artwork, which is among the most vital components of our dowry custom, constitutes a supply in itself amongst our decorative arts because it displays the superior intelligence, productive aspect, spirit and wonderful style of Turkish girls when it comes to each its motifs and technical options. Based on the approach of creating, needle laces are known as needle, axe, shuttle, hairpin, probably the most recognized of which is needle lace, and they’re divided into cocoon, candle, wool, bead and flake lace in keeping with the fabric used. In Anatolian tradition, from previous to current, cheesecloth edges, head covers, child face cowl, bundle edge, tea tray cowl, desk material, fishnet coat, coat cowl, foulard, nightgown collar, towel edges, henna gloves, kitchen set, front room, curtain, Regardless that the lounge set, espresso desk cowl, showcase set, boutonniere, the hem of the bedspread and the lace utilized in writings, and particularly needle lace, have decreased in comparison with the speed they had been made previously, they’re nonetheless carried out and utilized by the palms that refresh it as an artwork exercise that displays our tradition at this time.
Needle laces, which take their place in a dowry chest or on the top of a bride in nearly each nook of Anatolia, are nearly recognized with the Nall覺han district of Ankara, and are a cultural service that bridges our previous by being each taught and stored alive by the palms that make this work as an artwork.


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