Contemplating the historical past of “needle lace”, which constitutes our analysis topic with its stunning expression that may be an instance for handicrafts amongst cultural arts, very outdated paperwork of needle lace, which entered the world literature as “Turkish Lace”, have been present in Anatolia.
Europe, however, met needle lace within the sixteenth century. When its origin was investigated, it was decided that some knitting names have been talked about in Aegean tales, and from the outdated examples discovered within the Menfiz excavations in 1905, the start of this artwork dates again to 2000 BC.
In different sources, it’s concluded that these laces made with needles unfold from Anatolia to the Balkans after which to Europe through Italy within the twelfth century. As well as, though there isn’t any knitting just like needle lace within the older sources of western nations, the phrase “oya” doesn’t exist within the languages of those nations.


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