Hereke silk carpet weaving method

Real Hereke carpets, with a singular sense of artwork that can not be imitated, solely
It’s produced in Turkey. With its distinctive high quality, it’s 100% hand woven and woven for years.
Hereke carpets are solely made from a particularly robust and sturdy Turkish knot known as double knot.
touches the knot.
Hereke silk carpets are positioned within the subsequent row of loops on the finish of every weaving row.
earlier than shifting on to the method of placing on a thick scarf and a double scarf, which is known as a skinny shed.
is topic to. The shaving course of on the floor of the carpets is the weaving course of known as hand shearing.
Through the course of, whereas the carpet remains to be hooked up to the counter, the sting wraps may be finished manually with hand scissors.
With a historical past of 100 and fifty years, the feelings are expressed in knots and knots.
Preservation of Hereke carpets, by which knotted artwork is embroidered, in accordance with locality, with out being misplaced.
and have to be saved alive.
Within the module research ready for this function, beginning Hereke carpet weaving, carpet
weaving and ending carpet weaving in accordance with the method are defined.
On the finish of the module, with the data and expertise you could have gained, it is possible for you to to make use of native weavings.
It is possible for you to to weave the Hereke carpet.


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