They principally hunt monkeys, agouti and sloths. The load of the females of the Arpia eagle is 6.5 kg, and the males are 4-5 kg. A pair of crests on their heads offers this species an eerie look. About 30 species of eagles are identified. The quite common golden eagle is from this group. The eagle has been included within the folklore of many countries since historic occasions as an emblem of braveness and power. They dwell as much as 70-104 years. They can not final lengthy in captivity. Eagles flying hundreds of meters excessive have eyes that may scan the earth in all its particulars from this distance.

Simply as superior warplanes detect their targets from hundreds of meters away, the eagle detects its prey by detecting the smallest motion on the bottom, the smallest coloration distinction. He owes this potential to the very particular buildings in his eye. Eagles have two retinas of their eyes. Having two retinas supplies extraordinarily sharp imaginative and prescientAlong with sharpness, each the back and front sides are observed on the identical time. Eagle’s eye has a large angle of 300 levels and might enlarge the specified picture 6 to eight occasions on the identical time. It may well scan an space of ​​30,000 hectares with its eyes whereas flying at an altitude of 4,500 m. It may well simply distinguish a camouflaged rabbit among the many grasses within the subject from 1,500 meters.


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