First, there are about 460 identified shark species residing in our oceans as we speak. It belongs to a household of fish whose skeletons include cartilage somewhat than bone. Cartilage is a way more versatile and lighter tissue than bone. In us people, cartilage is in sure components of our physiquetogether with our ears and nostril. This materials makes sharks extra sturdy as they traverse the oceans and discover the ocean ground.

A shark’s pores and skin additionally has properties value analyzing. The shark’s pores and skin consists of a group of scales that act because the exoskeleton for the fish species. This, along with the fish’s cartilage tissue, permits the shark to maneuver simply via the ocean and preserve power when it’s most wanted. Sharks, like different fish, have gills to breathe underwater. They normally have about 5 to seven gill slits situated on both aspect of their physique. These gills filter the ocean water to acquire the oxygen essential for these creatures to outliveYou may consider these gills because the shark’s “lungs”.


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