Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is a bear species from the bear household (Ursidae) that lives on the snowy seashores and glaciers of the chilly north polar areaIt’s not stocky like different bears, however its head and physique are elongated. It’s 2.5-3 m lengthy and 400-500 kg in weight. It has a thick layer of fats beneath its pores and skinHe’s an excellent swimmer. Since there are leather-based cushions and feathers beneath the soles of the toesthey will simply transfer on the ice with out slipping. It could actually meet up with a reindeer by operating at a pace of 35-40 km per hour on land. Polar bears stay alone. They solely come collectively through the mating season. Then they depart once more. Pregnant females hibernate by making their dens within the snow. The male, then again, descends additional south for meals and the severity of winter.

Males don’t hibernate. They largely eat fish and seals. When it’s hungry, it will get on floating items of ice and travels many kilometers away in quest of meals. It lurks within the respiration holes of seals. Polar bears are a member of the bear household. Polar bears aren’t affected by the chilly with their thick layered fur. Additionally, thanks to those furs, they by no means get moist. Polar bears don’t expertise snow blindness as a result of they’ve three eyelids from beginningThough we all know that polar bears’ hair is white, in actual fact, their fur is clear. We see them as white due to the colour transitions and the ambiance of the place the place they stay. Polar bears aren’t solely good hunters, but additionally very adept at hiding. They’ll hunt fairly agile each on land and in water.


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